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Hi! I am currently a postdoctoral researcher at the Interdisciplinary Center For Affective Science in Geneva, Switzerland. I completed my PhD jointly at the Institut Jean Nicod in Paris and at the University of Geneva, under the supervision of Jérôme Dokic and Fabrice Teroni. In 2019-2020 I was a Visiting Fellow at the New York University Philosophy department, hosted by Jane Friedman. In 2022-2024 I will be a postdoctoral researcher at City University of New York, hosted by Jesse Prinz, and subsequently at the University of Toronto, hosted by Jennifer Nagel.

I work at the intersection of philosophy of emotion, epistemology, and cognitive science. My dissertation, entitled "The Anxious Inquirer: Emotions and Epistemic Uncertainty", concerns the relation between the epistemic attitude of doubt and the emotion of anxiety. In this dissertation, I propose a model of the affective architecture of doubt inspired in part by research in psychiatry on the persistent and recurring doubt of patients with Obsessive-compulsive disorder. My dissertation work was part of the "Feel bad, Live well!" FNS Project on negative emotions led by Julien Deonna and Fabrice Teroni. My current project is entitled "How we feel the future: hope, anxiety, and hypothetical thinking" and concerns the emotion-cognition interactions at play in our apprehension of future possibilities and their value for us. It is financed by a solo "Postdoc Mobility" grant from the Swiss National Funds for Research. 

Before starting my PhD, I held different positions in London (UK) and Boston (US). I was a Lecturer of French at Boston University (2015-2016), I conceived and organized conferences for professionals in London (2014-2015), and I was a bilingual editor for a media company in London (2013-2014). I completed a Master In Science in Philosophy of Psychiatry at King's College London (2012-2013), and a Master of Arts in History of Philosophy at Paris-Sorbonne IV (2010-2011).



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Groupe de Recherche en Epistémologie, Collège de France – Paris, December 2020

Questioning one’s Mind: Epistemic Anxiety and the Virtue of Epistemic Cautiousness

Philosophy of Psychology Seminar, New York University – New York, February 2020

Am I wrong about this? Epistemic anxiety as an interrogative attitude

Western Michigan University Philosophy seminar – Kalamazoo, November 2019

Anxiety and Irrational Questioning

European Society for Philosophy & Psychology Annual Conference – Athens, September 2019

Feeling epistemic gaps: feeling confused and the benefits of deep inquiry

European Philosophical Society for the Study of Emotion (EPSSE) Annual Conference – Pisa, June 2019

Possible Threats and Open Questions: Active doubt as Interrogative attitude

Swiss Center for Affective Science, Workshop “Cultivating negative emotions” – Geneva, June 2019

What we do when we doubt: Open Questions and Epistemic Anxiety

University of Neuchâtel, Philosophy Research Seminar – March 2019

Is Doubt an Emotion?

Swiss Center for Affective Science Annual Research Forum – Geneva, February 2019

What is anxiety? 

University of Geneva, Thumos Research Seminar – Nov. 2018

Unreasonable Doubt as a Failure of Affective Experience

University of Basel, Cognitive Irrationality Research Seminar – May 2018

Adaptive Cognition, Epistemic Anxiety, and OCD

British Society for the History of Philosophy Annual Conference – Durham, April 2018

From Habits to Compulsions: Losing control?

Agency Lab Seminar, Institut Jean Nicod, Ecole Normale Supérieure – Paris, September 2017

Metacognitive Feelings and the Sense of Control



Vazard, J. “Feeling the Unknown: Emotions of Uncertainty and their Valence” (under review)

Vazard, J. “The Doxastic Base of Emotions of Uncertainty” (under review)

Vazard, J. “Everyday Anxious Doubt: Epistemic Anxiety and the Virtue of Epistemic Cautiousness” (under review)

Vazard, J. “The Doxastic Profile of the Compulsive Re-checker” (under review)

Vazard, J., Humbert-Droz, S. “What Role for Imagination in Hope?” (in progress)

Vazard, J. "Desirable Futures: Episodic Future Thought, Hope, and Depression" (in progress)

Kurth, C. & Vazard, J. Introduction to the Synthese Topical Collection “Worry and Wellbeing: Understanding the Nature, Value, and Challenges of Anxiety” (in progress)



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